Speed Coach International



                                                                           Shaping the Future of Sprint and Hurdle Performance 

                                                                             Personal Sprint and Hurdle Training Service 


                                                                                          Training Advice 

                               All sprinters and hurdlers deserve expert coaching that

                                   helps them achieve the goals they are committed to.

                                                                                                                                                    This is how we do it:
​                                                                        First we evaluate each client to determine their current performance level.
                                                                                            Then we work to help them in the following ways, as needed:
                                                                                    Improve Sprint Technique 
                                                                                    Improve Hurdle Technique 
                                                                                      Improve Top-end Speed 
                                                                                      Improve Speed Reserve 
                                                                                  Improve Speed Maintenance 
                                                                                    Improve General Strength

​                                                                              Improve Specific Strength 

                                                                                        Improve Power

​                                                                                  Improve Muscle Tone 
                                                                                           Improve Flexibility  
                                                                                     Improve Elasticity  
                                                                                       Improve Agility  
                                                                              Improve Start Mechanics  
                                                                                 Improve  Acceleration
                                                                               Improve Racing Strategy
                                                                                Improve Racing Tactics
                                                                                     Improve Recovery 

                                                                                          We Offer: 
One-On-One Training Sessions
                                                              Time Saving Workouts (65 minutes or less)
                                                                            Custom Designed Workouts
                                                            Short Term Training Programs (Days, Weeks)
                                                           Long Term Training Programs (Months, Years)
                                                                    Automatically Timed Training Results

                                                       Training sessions are conducted by USATF certified and

                                                   AAU approved sprint and hurdle coach, Richard W. Ross,

                                          renowned for his work with youth and junior sprinters and hurdlers.