Richard W. Ross

                                                                Founder: Speed Coach International
                                                                 Houston, Texas resident since 2002

Bachelor of Science Degree, Health and Physical Education
Master of Arts Degree, Education Administration
USATF Level II Coaching Certification
Extensive study in sports science; physiology; biomechanics; speed development; strength development; sprints, hurdles, and jumps training theory and methodology


Thirty-two Years Experience in Secondary Education
Over 50 Years Coaching Experience


Eleven Track and Field articles for Scholastic Coach Magazine, 1972 – 1985

"Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods", 2013
"Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods, II", 2014 

                                                                        Athletic Accomplishments

Inducted into the Southern University Sports Hall of Fame, 2005

                                                                                  Personal Bests
High Jump - 7' 3 1/2" (straddle style)
Long Jump - 25' 10 3/4"
110 m High Hurdles - 13.56 (Shuttle Hurdles Relay) 
100 m Dash 10.51 (Time Trial)  

                                   Shaping the future of sprint and hurdle performance