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                                                          You may be interested in Coach Ross's books on sprint and hurdle training.

                                                                                      "​Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods"

                         This astounding book is a complete guide to modern sprint and hurdle training methods based on scientific research and over 40 years coaching experience.  


​                                                                                                                           Includes:

                                                                                                          *The latest sprint and hurdle training theory and methodology

*A fool proof method for teaching hurdle technique and racing rhythm

                                                                                                                  *Sprint and hurdle specific strength training methods 

                                                                                       *Coach Ross' amazing "Minimalist Approach” to year round sprint and hurdle training

                                                                                                        *Detailed examples of  periodized sprint and hurdle training plans

                                *Unique sprint and hurdle drills and exercises designed to make sprinters and hurdle faster

​                                                                                                       *How to develop pure speed and speed-endurance simultaneously 

*An easy method of calculating recovery intervals for high intensity speed training workouts 

                                                                                                         *The most effective sprint start and relay exchange techniques

                                                                                And much, much more on how to develop competitive excellence in the sprints and hurdles. 

                                                "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods" is a must read for all up and coming sprint and hurdle coaches and do it yourself athletes.  

                              If you want to dig deeper into sprint and hurdle training methods you'll want to purchase Coach Ross' "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods II"

"Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods II"




                                                        *Digs deeper into the science of speed to provide new and innovative approaches to training for the sprints and hurdles

                                                                                                                        *Reveals the “Holy Grail of Faster Running”

                                                                                                       *Provides the essentials of speed and speed endurance training     ​

                                                                                  *Illustrates the fundamentals of hurdle technique, from takeoff through the getaway stride

       *Challenges conventional thinking, shifting focus away from conventional training protocols in order to illuminate one of the most important aspects of speed training, Mass-specific Force 

                                                                       *Provides very simple, yet very powerful, training methods that result in faster sprinting and hurdling

                              *Significantly reduces traditional speed training protocols so you spend less time on the track while achieving better results from each training sessions

                                    *Provides an in-depth explanation of what happens when you add mass to your body, and how you can become stronger without excessive mass      
                                            "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods, II" is a straight forward, easy to understand companion to "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods".